Opportunities for speech and presentation come suddenly at companies, schools, and everywhere else.

In such a case, if I can express my feelings accurately or make an effective presentation...


You feel that you are not good at speaking in public?

Want to improve your presentation skills?

Want to polish leadership skills?

Want to learn organizational management?

Want to improve your English / Japanese?


That's Sakae Toastmasters club which is perfect for such people!













Come visit our next meeting! ご見学大歓迎です!

You are invited as a guest three times for free. Come visit us English and Japanese meetings.



*After you attend a meeting, you can apply for membership

 minimum age 18, new member fee and monthly membership fee are required.


*例会にゲストとして参加した後、18歳以上所定の会費をお支払いいただける方であれば、  会員になることができます。


Please click here for inquiry.


Calender of Sakae TMC / カレンダー


 ■ July 10, 2019

 219th Japanese Intensive Regular Meeting/第219回例会(日本語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 9F Meeting Room #3/会場  :ナディアパーク9F 第3研修室


■ July 24, 2019

 220th English Intensive Regular Meeting/第220回例会(英語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 9F Meeting Room #3/会場  :ナディアパーク9F 第3研修室


■ August 14, 2019

 221st English Intensive Regular Meeting/第221回例会(英語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 6F Assembly Room/会場  :ナディアパーク6F 集会室

※会場が通常と異なります。ご注意ください。/ Please be aware that the venue is different from the ordinary room.


■ August 28, 2019

 222nd Japanese Intensive Regular Meeting/第222回例会(日本語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 9F Meeting Room #3/会場  :ナディアパーク9F 第3研修室


■ September 11, 2019

 223rd English Intensive Regular Meeting/第223回例会(英語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 9F Meeting Room #3/会場  :ナディアパーク9F 第3研修室


■ September 25, 2019

 224th English Intensive Regular Meeting/第224回例会(英語強化例会)

    Venue : Nadya Park 9F Meeting Room #3/会場  :ナディアパーク9F 第3研修室







Access / アクセス

* Nadya Park /ナディアパーク

**Will Aichi 2F NPO Plaza/ ウィルあいち 2階NPOプラザ